MaXintosh Pro

Welcome to MaXintosh Pro Gaming

MaXintosh Pro, the gaming devision of MaX Saxe Design Inc., will slowly start in the summer of 2018

MaXintosh Pro will be playing a vast array of games, from an expansive range of game makers:

Many Games FromMaX Saxe Design Inc.
GTA VRockstar Games
Many Games FromMicrosoft Studios
Vast Array of Games FromSteam & Valve

MaXintosh Pro & MaX Saxe Design Inc. are very interested to work with YouTube, Twitch & other types of content creators along with game makers & studios.

MaXintpsh Pro is excited to start live streaming & producing videos for your consumption.

MaXintosh Pro is very interested in putting on Tournaments for YouTubers and with the potential scope for pre-selected fans to join in!

Valve's TF2 - a must have for lots of deaths & raging
Rockstar's GTA V - chaos will ensue & the best way to mine the #salt
Microsoft's & Mojang's Minecraft - the staple building it how you like + survivor series
Garry's Mod - the many mini-games & full feature games built into GMod make it ideal

The exact details have not been decided, so cannot be confirmed; however, MaX Saxe Design has decided to have an upload rule:

Upload to MaXintosh Pro Subscriber Sector
Upload to MaXintosh Pro Public SectorTwo to four days after Subscriber Sector
Upload to Public Platforms, such as YouTubeTwo days after Public Sector